iPhone 6S Plus

Caméra Arrière iPhone 6S Plus

Capteur iSight 8 Mpx avec pixels de 1,5 µm
Focus Pixel (mise au point automatique)
Ouverture ƒ/2,2
Stabilisation optique de l'image
Photo automatique HDR
Réglage de l'exposition
Panoramique (jusqu'à 43 Mpx)
Mode rafale
Enregistrement vidéo HD 1080p (30 i/s ou 60i/s)
Ralenti (120 i/S ou 240 i/s)
Zoom x3


Coque Protection iPhone - Transparent Resistant
★High transparent and almost original color
★light and soft
★Slightly higher than the rear lens
★Precision molding - TPU material without flashing without gap
★The surface is organic dustproof material, which greatly reduces dust pollution.
★Easy to clean up,the stains are wiped clean, used for a long time, bright as new
★ Washable, not easy to break, easy to use